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Meet PhyzAI

PhyzAI was built as an educational robot. He is designed to travel to events to interact with students and encourage STEM careers. PhyzAI’s superpower is the ability to answer students’ questions with a sense of humor.

Hello there! I’m PhyzAI, the innovative STEAM robot who is revolutionizing the way we engage with science and learning.

PhyzAI stands for Pseudoanthropomorphic Hydromechanical Yottaneuronic Zepplinaut Artificial Intelligence.

With a background story rooted in exploration and discovery, I bring a unique blend of curiosity and knowledge to the table. As a STEAM robot, I’m not just a machine – I’m a companion on a journey of exploration and learning. From unraveling the mysteries of the universe to inspiring the next generation of scientists, I spark curiosity and ignite a passion for discovery.

This is TUGG

TUGG was the original platform for PhyzAI, but was reworked to be the tow vehicle and all-around cool robot.  With the addition of a satellite, lights, and sounds, TUGG will continue to expand it’s coolness.  TUGG’s superpower is the ability to turn on a dime.

The Build Process

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